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Every patient in our office is met with a standard of care that builds upon one core foundation of understanding about health. That is the concept that your body is innately designed to heal and adapt.  The focus is to detect why, where, and how your body is not expressing normal function and communicate to you the impact that it is having on your journey of health.  The chiropractic adjustment is the tool we utilize most as the primary means of changing lives for the better, although we screen carefully for the need to incorporate additional tools for elevating a person’s health potential.  We offer educational resources, workshops, and quality referrals for connecting you with more conduits for healing as needed.

People of all ages are better off with a clear nervous system than not.  In order to truly understand your individual health journey, it is important that you schedule an introductory consultation with Dr. Britt herself.  At this time we can together construct a clearer picture of your health history, goals, and concerns about getting more “life” out of life, as well as get you your first thermal scan of your spine.  Tytron thermography will allow  you the opportunity to see in under 10 seconds imbalances in the nervous system as one tool of understanding their health status.

We encourage early chiropractic care as a sound foundation for wellness as children mature.  It is a safe and natural way for developing your child’s fullest potential.  The three most unexpected improvements of children under chiropractic care include improved sleeping, behavior and attitude, as well as immune-system function.

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Having optimum neurological communication is crucial during this timeframe and can address many of the known hurdles of pregnancy including heartburn, nausea, and constipation. It is well-documented that chiropractic care can help in reducing labor time and low back pain associated with pregnancy.  You’ll find that Dr. Britt can offer comfortable, gentle strategies to adjusting in any trimester, as she is Webster-Certified through the ICPA.

Read more here about Webster Technique that is geared specifically for the perinatal population.

We believe in putting together individualized plans for you that are specific to your exam findings and pertinent health information determined after the first visit. Each person’s financial obligations in seeking care with Dr. Britt can vary.  Once recommendations are given, our office is able to provide options for making visits most affordable to you and your family.  We are pleased to offer military discounts, multiple active family member discounts, and student discounts.

Your trajectory towards healing is highly dependent on your commitment to follow your adjustment schedule and adopt healthy lifestyle habits outside of the office. We cannot guarantee your turning point, but can offer proven strategies to support your body in the process. While “feeling” better is an added plus – we are more concerned in assisting you with options to function at levels you never thought possible!